David Simões

Shopify Expert | Coder | E-Commerce Consultant

Hourly rate: 60 GBP | 70 EUR | 80 USD | 1700 CZK

After some years working for Ents as a Shopify Expert, I have teamed up with Filip Danisko to start our own company - Sounds Good Agency (website comming soon).

Let me help you with your online business:

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Our goal is to make the life easier for every Shopify Merchant who wants to grow or start their business and needs our help. We have not only accumulated experience regarding the technical advantages and limitations of Shopify (and Shopify Plus), but we have also learnt a great deal about e-commerce strategy. After working with more than 100 stores, giving consultancy to more than 300 vendors and actually running a couple of our own stores, I have learnt a lot about how a business can fail very easily and how hard it can be to reach measurable success.

Excellent communication from the get go, and they know what they are doing. We were dealing with David from the start and he was able to do what we asked and more importantly he was able to advise from his knowledge and give better recommendations and due to this our site is better than imagined.
Eva Victoria
We have been working with David for a good month now and have unequivocally decided to sign a long-term service contract for his support for our business. David has always been quick to respond to our requests and to offer extra pertinent solutions for our store. He is knowledgeable about the digital market, readily giving an overview of what we have been looking for and tayloring his suggestions to our needs and preferences. David is easy to work with and is willing to go an extra mile to make sure it is easy for us to collaborate with him, demonstrating his overall flexibility to adjust to the client's needs.
Sofi Linen
Great talented team, with prompt and charming communication, and top quality work with a professional finish. Glad to have met them
The Checkout Kings